Theme 3 Visit: 18-20 May

Theme 3: Youth and Values Formation

The Apu Palamguwan Cultural Education Center and the Culture and Ecology Center in Bendum, Upper Pulangi are culture-based education initiatives that contribute responses to the critical and urgent need to meaningfully engage with the Pulangiyen youth in the uplands. The former is a primary school for indigenous children in Mindanao and uses a multilingual, culture-based curriculum while the latter is an effort to bring about a greater understanding of culture and ecology amongst young adults not in school through skills training and values formation. The former is a formal education center that is recognized by the Department of Education, while the latter is currently exploring with the same Department for an acknowledgement of its training courses as an alternative senior high school. Both initiatives are rooted in and draw from the ancestral domain that is the framework by which cultural values are enhanced and interpreted in their daily activities and in the guided youth reflections and discussions. This whole effort with the youth in the uplands seeks to promote dialogue about the opportunities available for indigenous education, develop an understanding of the pathway from non-formal to formal education, and to discuss the alternative learning opportunities that can improve the skills and capacity of indigenous upland youth.



DAY 1: SUNDAY 18 May 2014
0930 Arrival of Participants at Cagayan de Oro City

Participants proceed to Malaybalay City. Pick up points: Laguindingan Airport/ XU-CdO

1230 Lunch at Malaybalay City
1400 Travel to Bendum
1700 Welcome and Orientation

Possible interaction with Sustainability Science group in Bendum

1900 Dinner
Day 2: MONDAY 19 May 2014
0700 -0800 Breakfast
0800 Welcome and presentation of schedule and activities, expectation settings
0900 -1000 Walk around log deck area and visit to the school
1000 -1030 Morning Snacks
1030 -1200 Interaction with the APC teachers
1200 -1300 Lunch
1300 -1400 Orientation about Culture and Ecology Center

Programme Orientation

1400 -1600 Interaction with the youth, facilitators/trainers


1900 Dinner
Day 3: TUESDAY 20 May 2014
0700 -0800 Breakfast
0830 -1000 Discussion: Reflections from the field
1200 Lunch
1300 Travel to Malaybalay City

Travel with Sustainability Science group.

Checkin at Pine Hills Hotel. Registration starts at 5:00 PM

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