Theme 1: Sustainability Science

Theme 1: Sustainability Science
Sustainability science is an emerging field of research dealing with the interactions between natural and social systems, and with how those interactions affect the challenge of sustainability.

Theme 2: Local Wisdom, Risk Resilience and Adaptation

Theme 2: Local Wisdom, Risk Resilience and Adaptation
More than 1.6 billion people have been affected by disasters in East Asia and Pacific since 2000 (EM-DAT 2012).

Theme 3: Youth and Values Formation

Theme 3: Youth and Values Formation
Asia Pacific is home to 45% of the world’s youth, amounting to around 700 million young people (UNESCAP, 2012).
The Need for Transformation

Over the last decade, the concept of transformative governance that is adaptive in nature has gained popularity and interest in the scientific community as a way to anticipate and manage regime and resources. However, many are struggling to apply such governance in practice. To effectively implement transformative governance, practitioners and policy makers need the capacity to anticipate and respond to the potential change, as well as the knowledge and ability to integrate present and future socio-environmental systems and processes. Transformative governance needs to follow a complex framework that includes processes and dynamics amongst land and water as well as those people accessing or managing the resources…

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Transformative education and social engagement have great synergy
The conference discussed the importance of scientific methods and the critical challenge of addressing human and environmental needs, the questions of sustainability, vulnerability and risk.

Fr. Walpole: “Merge science, local knowledge in disaster preparedness”
MALAYBALAY CITY (Bukidnon News/21 May)– People will be more safer and resilient if science and local knowledge and wisdom on risk resilience and adaptation will be fused, Fr. Pedro Walpole, SJ, coordinator for Reconciliation with Creation of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific, said at the first plenary session of an international conference here from May 21-23.

Reviewing Housing Designs and Construction Standards: A meeting report of the Philippine Working Group on Disaster Risk Resilience, 6 March 2014 
The Philippine Working Group convened a meeting on March 6 to discuss specific concerns related to house construction in the context of disaster risk reduction.

Site selection assessment and criteria and other post-disaster concerns: A meeting report of the Philippine Working Group on Disaster Risk Resilience
Site selection assessment and criteria and post-disaster challenges on relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction, and recovery, especially in a post-typhoon Yolanda context were also discussed.

Collaborative response in disaster risk reduction
As we enter the next phases of post-disaster response in relation to typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), we are called to ask ourselves what is the commitment and the quality of such commitment as we explore possible collaboration and contributions of Jesuit institutions in post-typhoon rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts.

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